Consideration of Buying Table Tennis Rackets

At the time you start playing table tennis, you will want to get a racket that you can feel comfortable to play with. But as there are many different rackets out there, you may be in dilemma of picking the right one for yourself. So, what can you do?

Well, it is rather easy now with the advent of internet. All you need to do is open your browser, and Google search for the table tennis rackets and you will get a lof informations and reviews on them. This will make your task easy by simply read through and short-listed the paddle that you think is best suit your playing styles, and make your final by picking one to play.

Size of the Racket
Nowadays, the size of the ping pong rackets are rather similar for all of them. They are about 6 inches across and 10 inches long by counting in the handle as well.

Pre-made or Custom-made

You can either buy a pre-made or a custom-made paddle now depends on your requirement. pre-made racket is normally cater for beginners while custom-made paddles are more suitable for intermediate and advanced players.

Some Rackets to Consider

DHS A4002 Table Tennis Racket
If you have no idea on which racket to go with, then this DHS A4002 might be the one that you can think of buying. It is one of the China ping pong brand (formerly known as Double Happiness). The company manufacture quite a number of pre-made table tennis rackets. 

It is the most popular pre-made rackets for the company and it is a half decent racket that being offered to you with cheap price.

Palio Expert 2
In case you never heard of Palio, it is actually another Chinese ping pong brand that specializes in making low price and high-quality ping pong blades and rubbers.

The Palio Expert 2 is a wonderful paddle for table tennis players to learn playing and starting out. If you wish to have a decent paddle for you to play the game of ping pong at an affordable price, then you should consider of buying this paddle.

Killerspin RTG Diamond TC Premium
This paddle model is being approved for all levels of tournament play. The bat is constructed with two layers of titanium carbon, this can offer you with a lot of spin and speed on your balls.

The rubber that coats on the surface of the bat is quite thin. This thin layer can absorbs the speed of the ball that your opponent hit to you. You can then hit back the ball with less effort and even create a small amount of spin when you return the ball. 

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